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Exclusively Inclusive 

Exclusive to university students.

Inclusive to all university students.

A mobile platform exclusively built and designed to enhance the every day lives of university students.

As amazing and enlightening university life can be, we tend to not live it to its full extent. Commitments and desires seem to overlap, putting us in a pickle to choose one over the other. As students, we are constraint with time and money. Uncontrollably, time flies from what is meant to be the best time of our lives and money 'disappears' with a blink of an eye, whether it's in thanks to expensive tastes or clingy banks. Most students live dynamic lifestyles; from spontaneous adventures to habitual routines and all share the same agenda, to graduate on time with the best possible grades while making the most out of this short journey. That's when overlaps happen, which is why students need a way to control, balance, and attain the best of both worlds. 

Skip The Overlaps.

Choose Triadic.

Request & Provide
One Platform. Two Experiences.

University Students will be able to simultaneously request and provide tasks amongst themselves, on demand. Our S2S model provides students with the unique opportunity to earn money when they want to and how they want to, with no commitment besides the chosen task at hand. Students will also be able to request those same tasks from other students in exchange for money at their convenience and not limited to the boundaries of their campuses.

Student 2 Student (S2S)


Our Partners


Abu Dhabi University (ADU) is one of the leading private universities in the United Arab Emirates, boasting 4 campuses across the country with a wide range of highly accredited programs. ADU is committed in accelerating Triadic from concept to reality, as part of their Startup Incubation Program.


One Tree Planted is a brilliant non-profit organisation that is committed to restoring our forests. They help businesses like us to give back to their environment and combat the climate crisis. They will be our partner as part of our commitment to plant one million trees by 2023.

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